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If you’re a CPA, CFP®, Registered Investment Advisor, Wealth & Retirement Planner, Financial Advisor, Lender or any other licensed financial professional, you owe it to yourself to become a CCFS™ (Certified College Funding Specialist™). Your membership will be the best money (tax-deductible) you’ve ever spent. Here's why: 

As a licensed financial professional, you most likely get a range of college questions from your clients every year, such as:

  • Should I invest in a 529 plan
  • Do I qualify for financial aid
  • Should I transfer investments to get more aid
  • Can you help me with my financial aid forms
  • Should I shift assets to my children,
  • Should I take out student loans
  • Should I use my home equity to pay for college

As a CCFS™ (Certified College Funding Specialist™) you can easily answer these questions by reviewing our education and training modules, visiting our learning & resource library, or by merely accessing the brain-trust of our experts using the online discussion forum.  Your membership gives you instant access to the answers you need to thoroughly and accurately support your clients’ questions.

We also go one step further by filling a need that other college planning organizations will not give you. For many families, picking a college is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out how to pay for it. As a CCFS™ (Certified College Funding Specialist™) you gain instant access to proven financial strategies that you can use to help your client families pay their tuition bill. These strategies include:

  • Tax Strategies
  • Cash flow strategies
  • Mortgage and HELOC strategies
  • Insurance strategies
  • Financial aid strategies
  • Tuition discount strategies
  • Student loan strategies

You also get other great member benefits like training videos, discussion forums to get answers or advice from other members, a profile listing on our ‘Find a CCFS' directory, logos for your marketing collateral, and discounts to live training events and affiliate products and services.