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Your membership includes the following benefits...

CPAs, CFPs, Registered Investment Advisors, Wealth & Retirement Planners, Financial Advisors, Lenders and all other licensed financial professional can access a wealth of college funding and college planning information for their clients by becoming a CCFS™ (Certified College Funding Specialist™). Your membership will be the best money (tax-deductible) you’ve ever spent.  Just look at what you get:

You get complete access to our Learning Library, where you can get immediate answers to your client questions 24/7. This huge reference library includes:

  • Our “Quick Answers” section where we archived over 400 of our most frequently-asked questions in college funding from advisors over the past years. You cannot find a more elaborate database of information on college funding in ANY other program, and it features keyword and tag search capabilities.
  • Our Glossary of Terms section that gives you quick access to over 200 commonly used terms in college financial planning

You get complete access to our Documents Library, where you can find all the documents you need to for your college funding practice. This is a huge library of over 100 documents and includes:

  • PowerPoint presentations with complete scripts, like our “How to Attend College for Pennies on the Dollar” workshop presentation,
  • Marketing materials like our College Decision Navigator booklet, 153 Strategies to Cut College Costs booklet, a complete “How to” seminar kit including postcard mailers, registration & evaluation forms, engagement letters and much, much more.
  • Three college funding questionnaires for your clients
  • Instructions for completing the FAFSA and PROFILE financial aid forms
  • Sample financial aid award letters
  • Sample financial aid appeal letters

You get complete access to our CCFS™ advisor discussion forum area where you can:

  • Ask direct questions about any college financial topic
  • Share ideas, strategies, client scenarios and marketing tips with other advisors
  • Partner up with other product sales advisors, i.e. Mortgage, Insurance etc.

You get your advisor profile listed on our "Find a CCFS™" area of our website

You get a CCFS™ badge and logo. This can be used on your website and in your marketing material to distinguish you from all other so-called 'college planners'

You will have all the tools that any financial advisor needs to provide his or her prospects and clients with answers to their college questions.