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Last Minute College Visits

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Last Minute College Visits
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It’s coming down to the wire and some of your clients are making preparations for last minute college visits, before the May 1st, 2017 admissions deadline. The main function of the campus visit is to ensure that the college’s “personality” fits with the personality of the student.

A direct campus visit will help offer the student and family a clearer understanding of each college’s programs, policies, and social setting. Only during this visit can the student experience the environment in which he or she will live and work during the subsequent four crucial years.

So if the student is still undecided between a couple of colleges of interest, it’s often best for the family to go directly to some of the top departments in the college and ask detailed questions to compare colleges to make the decision-making the process easier.

Ranking The College Choices After The Visit

Use the following question and answer analysis from each college visit to determine which colleges best fit the student’s personality profile, meet the parents’ personal priorities and offer the family a good education value. Then the family can rank the colleges based on the strategic information they’ve gathered during their visits.

Questions To Be Asked:  Admissions Office

1.  What are the criteria used for admissions at your college?

2.  How do you rank these criteria?

3. How important is the ACT/SAT test in the admissions process?

4.  What is the college’s admissions deadline?

5.  What is the student to faculty ratio at the college?

6.  What percentage of faculty members has doctorate degrees?

7.  What is the average enrollment of the freshman class?

8.  What percentage of the freshman class will graduate?

9.  What percentage of graduates will continue on to graduate school?

10.  My overall impression

Very Responsive   Responsive   Somewhat   Responsive   Not Responsive

Questions To Be Asked:  Financial Aid Office

1.  What is the total cost of college or financial aid budgeted cost?

2.  What forms are used by the college to determine financial aid eligibility?

3. What is the college’s financial aid deadline?

4.  How does the college financially reward a good student?

5.  What percentage of my financial NEED will be met by the college?

6.  What percentage of this NEED met will be in the form of Gift Aid?
In the form of Loans?  In the form of Work/Study?

7.  What other non-need or merit grants and scholarships are available?

8.  If any private outside scholarships are awarded, will the school use these to replace their own monies?

9. What is the average debt incurred by each student upon graduation?

10.  My overall impression
Very Responsive   Responsive   Somewhat   Responsive   Not Responsive 

Questions To Be Asked:  Career Placement Office

1.  How many full-time staff members work in the placement office?

2.  What job placement services are provided by the placement office?

3. How long do job placement services remain in effect after graduation?

4.  What percentage of graduates will be employed prior to graduation?

5.  What are the most popular majors of graduates receiving employment?

6.  Which companies and organizations recruit your graduates?

7.  What are the credentials of those graduates receiving employment?

8.  What is the starting salary of graduates in my field or major?

9.  What is the future employment outlook of my field or major?

10.  My overall impression
Very Responsive   Responsive   Somewhat   Responsive   Not Responsive

Questions To Be Asked: Faculty Or Department Head

1.  What is unique about this department’s program?

2.  What is the likelihood of graduating from this program in four years?

3. What department facilities and special technology are available?

4.  How does the faculty advising system work?

5.  How accessible are the professors in this department?

6.  How many full-time professors are on the department staff?

7.  What is the percentage of full professors who teach introductory classes?

8.  What is the average size of the classes or lectures?

9.  Can I sit in on a class?

10.  My overall impression
Very Responsive   Responsive   Somewhat   Responsive   Not Responsive

Questions To Be Asked: Athletic Department/Coach

1.  Where would you rank <SPORT> at your college?  In your league?

2.  What sports or activities share the facilities with <SPORT>??

3. Does the college plan any additions or changes to the facilities?

4.  Does <SPORT> have an off-season schedule?

5.  What locations are on the team’s upcoming travel schedules?

6.  What is the breakdown of the staff, coaches, and their specialties?

7.  What allowances are made for class and exam preparation?

8.  What are my earliest opportunities at playing my position?

9.  Does the team have a set of rules or policies for athletes?

10.  My overall impression
Very Responsive   Responsive   Somewhat   Responsive   Not Responsive

Questions To Be Asked:  Students

1.What are three things you most like about the university?

2.What are three things you most dislike about the university?

3. How difficult is it to get assigned to classes? 

4.What are the classes like?

5.What are the professors like?

6.What is campus life in general like?

7.What are the dorms like?


Ron Them

Ron developed and trademarked the CCPS® (Certified College Planning Specialist) designation. For over 20 years, the nation's leading financial advisors, broker/dealers, and major media outlets have been using his research, funding strategies, training, and insight. Ron is highly regarded as an expert in the college funding field.

He is a former Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 500 company and currently owns his own financial advisory company specializing in cash flow planning for business owners and executives. He developed the Cash Flow Recovery™ process that uses cash flow management principals to increase asset value and build wealth for business owners.

He is also the originator of several software calculators to help advisors and families make college affordable, including:

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Ron has been quoted in U.S. News and World Report, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Smart Money, Financial Advisor Magazine, Small Firm Profit Report, Practical Accountant, LIMRA's Market Facts, Senior Advisors Magazine, HR Magazine,, Employee Benefit News Magazine,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Insurance Selling Magazine,, The Christian Voice, and Columbus CEO Magazine.


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